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Intel LGA 2011-3 ATX主板,8条DDR4内存槽,开机/重启按钮,一体式I/O挡板,双M.2+M.2 WIFI接口
Intel LGA 2011-3 ATX主板,四通道DDR3/DDR4,开机/重启按钮,一体式I/O挡板,双M.2+M.2 WIFI接口
Intel LGA 2011-3 ATX主板,四通道DDR3/DDR4,开机/重启按钮,一体式I/O挡板,双M.2+M.2 WIFI接口

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Jieshuo is a well-known brand in Shenzhen, China;

Since its establishment in 2003, it has produced and operated PC hardware for more than ten years (including computer motherboards, memory sticks, MLC hard disks, M.2 hard disks, graphics cards, notebook computers, etc.). All products are strictly produced in accordance with ISO system standards;

The R&D personnel have more than 10 years of working experience; choose the JIESHUO brand and choose high-quality accessories.